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With a corporate philosophy of “Contributing to Society through Technology” in mind, Takasago International Corporation has been engaged in R&D that contributes to the growth of the industry as a leading company. Takasago is developing technology platforms that serve as a bridge to the future, both to solve existing issues and create new opportunities.

Looking ahead we consider the impact of changes in environment, society, market, life, and technology as relevant factors. There are also shorter term issues that arise during the course of research, development, manufacturing, and sales. These become more complicated year by year and are difficult to address with only limited technology. Through our multidisciplinary approaches, Takasago contributes to finding solutions for both internal and external issues.

For the creation of new opportunities, Takasago promotes R&D which enhances the value of flavors and fragrances in the industry and market for the benefit of people’s daily lives. Aroma is known to have many beneficial functions, but our understanding of the underlying mechanisms is still far from satisfying. Takasago is developing new areas of R&D backed by the state-of-the-art science to better understand the positive effects of aroma.

The next-generation R&D ecosystem has been constructed through medium- to long-term activities for the creation of these cutting-edge areas. Our challenges will continue as long as there is something that could not be solved, understood or achieved.