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With our commitment to “Contributing to Society through Technology”,
we continue to develop technologies that enrich lives of people and societies worldwide and actively contribute to the development of a truly sustainable global community.

Takasago International Corporation,
President and Chief Executive Officer
Satoshi Masumura

Contributing to Society through Technology

Founded in 1920 with the Corporate Philosophy of “Contributing to Society through Technology”, Takasago International Corporation has been developing innovative products and technologies that contribute to improving the Quality of Life for people and societies globally. Takasago’s products are not just in foods, cosmetics and household products, but now extend to pharmaceutical intermediates for the life science industry and functional materials for the electronics industry. For us to contribute to the society, it is essential to share a common understanding with our stakeholders on the importance and value of sustainability as one of the key cornerstones of our mission.

The Takasago Global Plan, a medium term management plan that is to be executed in 4 phases was launched in 2008 and is running through to 2020, the year Takasago celebrates its 100th anniversary. The vision is to become “a Top-leading Player” in the industry by 2020. We are trying extremely hard to strengthen our market presence across the globe and accelerate the growth. At the same time, and as described in basic management policy where we are to be “A well regarded company that respects the global environment and local communities”, it is also our priority to tackle environmental issues and cope with demands of society. As such, the Takasago Global Plan addresses sustainability as one of the most important objectives to achieve. This clearly demonstrates our long term commitment to fulfill our economic, environmental and social responsibilities in a well-balanced manner.

We set 4 key words to encompass our sustainability vision. These are: Green Chemistry, Green Procurement, Social Responsibilities, and EHS.
As an example of our pursuit of Green Chemistry, we invested in continuous pipe flow reactors at our Iwata Plant a couple of years ago. These pipe flow reactors are part of a manufacturing process that enables us to improve not only the efficiency of chemical synthesis but also safety. In addition, this helps reduce the environmental impact of our industrial processes.

A Bio based company, Centre Ingredient Technology (CIT), joined the Takasago group at the beginning of January 2016. This acquisition allows for synergy of the advanced bio manufacturing process and technology of CIT and Takasago’s unique and patented fermentation technology to broaden the range of our natural ingredients pallet. Takasago keeps highly valued and regarded partnerships with many local communities in Madagascar, Indonesia, and many other countries. In Madagascar, Takasago formed a joint-venture company that sources vanilla beans from various areas of the country. The company supports studies conducted by a local university to find ways to ensure the sustainability of this important agricultural product. This does not only lead to Green Procurement, but also fulfills our social responsibility to the local communities which are involved in the production of vanilla beans, an essential input of our business.

In the EHS field, we are in the process of getting OHSAS certification on a global basis. While we comply with local laws and regulations and are keen to improve the workplace environment, it is important to standardize the workflows and the best workplace practices to ensure a safe, decent and productive work place for all our sites worldwide.

Our resolve to the developmentof a sustainable society

Takasago embraces and supports global initiatives. We joined the UN Global Compact and adhere to its Ten Principles and the 17 sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We ensure that our entire organization is aware of the goals and how we are to achieve them.
We also respect COP21 and are completely aligned with its global agreement on the CO2 emission reduction targets. We will integrate our corporate sustainability plan with these global efforts and ensure that they are embodied in the core values and practices of our entire organization.

I assure everyone that Takasago is committed to sustainable growth and will continue to further enhance our corporate value.