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In the area of materials development, we focus on the development of various materials such as aroma materials using biomass and renewable raw materials, natural materials of natural origin, food materials, and functional materials.

In the development of these materials, we make full use of synthetic organic chemistry aimed at green chemistry, biotechnology and other technologies with less environmental impact to provide materials that meet the needs of our customers.

We are also working to create new value through the development of materials that utilize unused resources.

Natural Flavor Materials


We develop natural flavor and food materials by discovering the components in natural sources that contribute to aroma. We then examine those targets through biochemical methods to discover safe and useful microorganisms and enzymes in the natural world. This lets us create specific flavor components not present in the raw materials or boost those present in minute quantities, contributing to the development of more appealing and distinctive materials.. Products developed through this process are then manufactured at our sites around the world and made available globally.

Food Materials


Coffee extracts

We provide a variety of coffee extracts issued from proprietary extractions methods, thanks to strictly quality controlled green beans gathered all over the world, and a wide range of roasting methods varying from light to dark roasting.


Green tea extracts

We focused on the series of enzymes found in tea leaves to efficiently convert these aroma precursors. Through research and development, we established a technology for developing flavorful green teas. This technology allows us to obtain unique materials including green tea extracts that exude lavish aroma, through which we are expanding the possibilities for green tea.

Functional Ingredients



Our DEOATAK® Series offers deodorizing materials that maximized the deodorizing functions of polyphenols. Its formulation blends polyphenol oxidase or alkaline substance with polyphenol to specifically, quickly, and effectively capture sulfur-containing malodor components (methyl mercaptan, hydrogen sulfide, etc.) and nitrogen-containing malodor components (ammonia, trimethylamine, etc.). This powerful deodorizing effect exhibits promise in applications spanning food, daily goods, and more. The DEOATAK® P1 Series is formulated with natural polyphenol and polyphenol oxidase derived from plants. It has demonstrated outstanding effect in suppressing bad breath, body odor, and fecal odor when taken orally, and is also used as a deodorizing material in foods. We have recently been actively evaluating the effects of DEOATAK® intake in maintaining health based on our belief that mitigating stresses caused by malodor is likely to have a positive effect on health.

Various functional ingredients made from unused resources


Today, companies face strong demands to make effective use of limited resources. Through our long years of research into creating useful functional ingredients from unused resources, we have been developing new, high value-added ingredients that make use of by-products of processing.

As an example, when we process citrus oils to enhance their quality as flavors, less-volatile components of the oils go unused. Turning these components into raw materials has allowed us to create value-added ingredients including flavor stabilizers and enhancers, and antibacterial materials, which are used to produce more appealing and differentiated flavors.