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As creators of fragrances, we conduct research and development for various fragrance used in perfumes, personal care, fabric care, and air care products. 
Perfumers are responsible for the creation of fragrances that are used in non-food products. 
The perfumer selects the necessary ingredients from thousands of fragrances raw materials according to the concept and direction required by the customer and prepares a formula. The new fragrances are created by improving the formulated fragrances through the trial application and sensory evaluation.
The development of fragrances requires a fusion of art and science. In addition to artistry, fragrance creation must be based on science, including long lasting, diffusion, and stability to suit the product's application.
In addition to creating fragrances, the Fragrance Research Laboratory conducts research on the functions and characteristics of fragrance materials and develops basic technologies.
Takasago Fragrance Laboratory provides quality fragrances through collaborative work with experts in R&D, evaluation and market analysis.