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The Fine Chemicals Division was born from the technological application of our asymmetric catalyst, which was invented for the successful industrial production of l -menthol in 1983.

Currently the Fine Chemical Division holds an extensive asymmetric ligands and catalysts library as well as catalysts for coupling reactions; which we try to utilize to better the quality of everyday life. Our main product line consists of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Intermediates for large international pharmaceutical companies to be used for the treatment of many lifestyle-related diseases, cancer-oncology, infectious diseases and central nervous system degenerative diseases. Our other product lines include photo conductive materials and other electronic materials.

Applying asymmetric synthesis via catalysts contributes to the minimization of waste from chemical plants. In order to support efficient manufacturing, we provide Takasago catalysts to our clients and their chemical plants around the world.

Our pursuit of the green chemistry has led us to adopt “continuous flow” manufacturing recommended by the FDA. Since 2012, we have been commercially manufacturing API intermediates with GMP compliant flow technology.