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We protect and communicate the deep world of long-beloved vanilla, the starting point of sweet flavor.

Vanilla is loved worldwide as an ice cream flavor. It is also an indispensable flavor in chocolate and baked goods, and is a starting point for sweet flavor. We believe that the pleasant sweet scent of vanilla has a unique and unchanging presence for consumers in every era. Through varied undertakings, we will protect and communicate the deep world of vanilla.

Vanilla-related news

Initiatives related to Vanilla


As a part of our efforts to secure high-quality ingredients and maintain stable supply, we established Takasago Madagascar through a joint investment with vanilla experts Ramanandraibe Export in Madagascar, the major production area for vanilla. Taking legal compliance, respect for human rights, fair transactions, and environmental protection into consideration, we will continue to protect Madagascar's vanilla culture. At Takasago Europe, we established the Vanilla Research Centre to conduct various researches into vanilla. We will contribute to the development of vanilla through the technology of Takasago. We are expanding globally under the vanilla brand La Vanille T®, born from the combination of Madagascar's traditions and Takasago's technology.

La Vanille T® ロゴ

La Vanille T®

This comprehensive vanilla brand leverages knowledge and know-how cultivated in Madagascar, the primary production area for vanilla.



Together with the people of Madagascar, we engage in sustainable efforts to protect and nurture vanilla, a valuable natural resource.


Takasago Madagascar

Takasago Madagascar was established in May 2013 through joint investment between Takasago and Ramanandraibe Export in Madagascar. The world's largest vanilla growing region, Madagascar also produces Bourbon vanilla, known world over for its quality. Takasago Madagascar has its headquarters in country's capital of Antananarivo, and has its extraction plant in the city of Tamatave. The company has readied an end-to-end system that spans the purchase of vanilla beans to the extraction of vanilla extract.


Vanilla Research Center

In 2016, we opened the Vanilla Research Center in Takasago Europe in Germany. The Center engages in comprehensive development that spans vanilla cultivation in Madagascar to vanilla curing, extraction, and ingredient production. It also works to improve quality and traceability by analyzing the origins and the flowering of vanilla beans together with university research institutes.