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La Vanille T®

La Vanille T® is a comprehensive vanilla brand born of a combination of Madagascar‘s traditions and Takasago’s technologies. In Madagascar, a primary production area for vanilla, we draw on proprietary know-how to cultivate vanilla, select and process high-quality vanilla beans, and develop extracts. Through compounding by flavorists, the developed extracts become flavors with added value. We have established systems to stably supply high-quality vanilla flavors, and have prepared a wide lineup. 

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Strengths of La Vanille T®


Madagascar heritage

We leverage knowledge and know-how obtained through our experiences in Madagascar, the primary production area for vanilla.


Construction of local supply chains

We carry out local procurement and traceability of high-quality vanilla beans through a joint venture with a Madagascar company.


Development of varied vanilla extracts

We develop a variety of extracts with an eye on market needs, focusing on Madagascar vanilla beans.


Masterful compounding techniques

Drawing on our vanilla extract know-how, we create vanilla flavors suited to varied products through the compounding skills of master flavorists.



Together with the people of Madagascar, we engage in efforts to protect and nurture vanilla, a valuable natural resource.

La Vanille T® solution ideas

Using La Vanille T® to enhance products' brand power

La Vanille T® is a comprehensive vanilla brand of Takasago that continues to pursue new value with Madagascar vanilla as its starting point. Leveraging the deep knowledge of vanilla experts, it enables vanilla taste proposals grounded in consumer insights. La Vanille T® preserves the long-beloved aroma while putting forth new aroma of vanilla that capture ever-changing market needs, to help enhance the added value of a wide range of products including chocolate and frozen desserts. 


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