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We offer new inspirations  to the ever-evolving categories of oral care and mint confectioneries.

With the diversification of dietary habits, interest in oral health & care has been increasing. We now see a higher demand for more intense cooling and refreshing sensations in chewing gums and compressed tablets. Aside from natural mint and L-menthol, Takasago delivers these new sensations to consumers through Sensates®* and specialty ingredients, which provide high cooling impact and refreshing sensations.*Sensates® are Takasago's specialty ingredients that delivers either intensified cooling, heating, and/or refreshing sensations

Mint & Sensates®-related news

Initiatives related to Mint & Sensates®


To produce an expansive mint flavor with a refreshing sensation, we source varieties of natural mint from around the world and work to standardize to the highest quality. The Sensoral Center, established at Takasago U.S.A., conducts applied research aimed at solving challenges in the oral care and mint confectionery categories and at improving palatability. We continue to explore new ways to bring value to our customers through flavor technologies such as INTENSATES® and our broad portfolio of specialty ingredients.

INTENSATES® 風味改善のイメージ


INTENSATES® flavors deliver unique taste experiences such as the enhancement of cooling and heating sensations



Flavor mediated technology which masks and then eliminates oral malodors, resulting in longer lasting fresh breath



A series of authentic mint building blocks which can be used to deliver the subtle aromatic nuances found in a wide range of natural mint oils


Natural Mint Resources

Connected at source to natural mint varieties such as Peppermint, Spearmint and Arvensis


Technology Based Solution

Using technology to effectively deliver solutions aimed at improving the utilization of natural and other resources, from MINTACT® building blocks to Bio-based ingredients

Sensoral Center ロゴ
Takasago international corp.(USA)

Sensoral Center

In 2003, we established the Sensoral Center within Takasago U.S.A. This facility focuses its research on flavor systems related to delivering taste sensations of cooling, tingling and heating in a wide variety of applications, and developing flavors that exhibit a number of new effects.
Dedicated to understanding and developing applications based on a chemesthetic effect, the Sensoral Center leads the way in developing INTENSATES® flavor systems to deliver taste sensation and modulation.