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We study the food cultures and diversity of the world to offer healthy and richly-colored deliciousness.

The world has a diversity of food cultures, with many forms of diet taking root in recent years. We study the world's food cultures, food ingredients, cooking methods, and more to deliver aromas and flavors for widely diverse products in the savory category. As a flavor company well-versed in the healthy and richly colored food culture of Japan, we will continue to provide deliciousness while holding close to the food cultures of the world's countries.

Savory-related news

Initiatives related to Savory

The savory category covers curry, ramen noodle, and other processed foods and snacks. In this category, we develop flavors connected to everyday food ingredients and cooking. Our affiliated company Takasago Spice is one of our strengths. Recent years have seen an accelerating penetration of plant-based foods in people's health consciousness. We develop flavors with the aim of improving the taste of plant-based foods, with the Shojin® project as a base. The starting point for this project is delicious cooking without reliance on animal-based ingredients, one of the ideas of vegetarian cuisine passed down from ancient times in Japan. Turning our company origins in Japan into strength, we will pursue richly enhanced flavors and deep deliciousness.


Affiliated Companies


Takasago Spice has engaged in the spice business since late 1920s. The company manufactures and markets separate spices, mixed spices, curry powders, herbs, and more, while also performing contract processing of foods such as crushing, sterilization, sorting, and roasting.