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The aromas of foods are born of intricate mixtures of aromatic components. It is when aromas as well as flavors are in harmony that true deliciousness can be created. We develop varied flavors that enliven foods in scenarios demanded by customers, to support the design of deliciousness. 

Flavors are used in a wide range of product categories: beverages, including soft drinks and fruit juices; frozen desserts, including ice creams, sherbets, puddings, and jellies; confectionaries, including candies, chewing gums, and snacks; savories, including instant noodles, hams, sausages, and soups; and oral care products. 
To develop the flavors that customers demand, we create prototypes using recipes and manufacturing conditions that are as close as possible to those of the actual product. We then verify expected effects such as the impact and release of flavors and stability with respect to heat in that condition. 

As the needs concerning foods continue to diversify, the environment surrounding foods is changing at dizzying speed. We create new value for flavors in the global market through quickly understanding the needs of the market, accurately grasping their meaning, and engaging in collaboration among our flavor R&D departments in nine countries. We seek to further develop innovative flavors not bound by conventional frameworks through collaboration with external research institutes and venture companies. 
We are also tackling the development of sustainable flavors with a mindset of protecting natural resources and reducing our environmental  impacts, by making efficient use of natural ingredients, reducing wastes, enhancing energy efficiency through manufacturing process improvements, and reducing CO2 emissions. 
We will continue deepening this innovation born from Takasago's R&D into flavors while considering the environment and leverage our material development, flavor creation, and application technology to offer flavor solutions that deliver deliciousness to people worldwide.