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Takasago International Corporation was founded in 1920 as an aroma ingredients business company in Japan. Originally, our aroma ingredients were made via basic synthetic pathways like oxidation, reduction and esterification reactions, starting with ingredients extracted from natural essential oils.

Continually searching for innovative technologies, we strive to bring the finest ingredients to enrich our fragrance and flavor creation palettes, Takasago International has become many times a pioneer in developing aroma ingredients synthesis methodologies. In 1983, thanks to our technical heritage in chemistry, we became the first company able to industrialize the l -Menthol, another pillar of Takasago's ingredients, via an authentic asymmetric synthesis pathway.

Since then, our know-how in asymmetric synthesis technologies was extended to the development of other innovative technologies and key aroma ingredients. Our organic compounds do not only find applications in fine fragrance and flavor. Takasago International is strongly present in other fields, including new functional materials like intermediates in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical, and photoconductors in the electronic industries among others…

Utilization of these cutting-edge technologies not only allow producing high quality chemicals but also contribute to sustainable issues by lowering any impact on the environment.