Corporate Philosophy

Contributing to Society through Technology

Basic Management Policy

  • A well regarded Company that respects the global environment and local communities.
  • A leading Flavors and Fragrance Company in the global market that consistently supplies dependable products.

Charter of Corporate Behavior

The Takasago Group, as a global enterprise that makes contributions to the society based on its technological spirit, hereby establishes the following principles in order to respect human rights, observe the relevant laws and regulations, international rules and their spirit, and act with common sense and sound judgment, both domestically and internationally.

  • We will pay full attention to the safety as well as the benefits of the products and services that we supply, and strive to obtain satisfaction and confidence of our customers.
  • We will effectively utilize global resources, manufacture products with awareness of the environment and strive to protect the regional and global environments.
  • We will observe the relevant laws and regulations, respect the social codes, promote free, fair and transparent competition and engage in proper and sound transactions.
  • We, as a member of the society, will aim for a society that is better, and will actively participate in activities of social benefits.
  • We will firmly deal with any anti-social forces that threaten the social order.
  • We will disclose corporate information in a timely and adequate manner and strive to enhance our transparency to the public.
  • In our activities abroad, we will observe local laws and regulations, as well as international rules. We will respect local culture and customs and promote the co-existence and co-prosperity with local communities.
  • We will have a high regard for each and every employee and promote safe and comfortable workplaces in order to achieve comfort and prosperity for our employees.
  • The top management will raise awareness of the spirit of this Charter in the Takasago Group and will take initiatives, set examples by leadership, and make other efforts to realize such spirit.
  • In case of any incident contrary to this Charter, the top management will state their position in dealing with such incident, and strive to investigate its cause and prevent any recurrence of such incident. Further, the top management will promptly and correctly make information available to the public and fulfill his or her accountability, and take disciplinary actions in a strict manner against any individuals responsible for such incident (including any member of management).