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We design to taste. . .

We design taste that has value, from a belief in the power of happiness that delicious taste brings.

The flavors of foods are created by intricate mixtures of aroma components. When these complex aromas join in harmony with tastes and textures, truly delicious taste is born. Across wide-ranging categories of beverages and foods, flavors add zest to everyday dining. 

We secure stable supplies of high-quality raw materials to develop flavors. For citrus, vanilla, and other flavors that are mainly formulated from natural materials, we join with producers of essential ingredients as the starting point in creating taste that has value.

Through over a century of business, we have drawn on the pioneering spirit of our predecessors to communicate value that harmonizes with people. We will continue our work of bringing sustainable, safe products to markets.

Kenichi Somekawa
Senior Vice President,
President, Flavor Division

-Top Message-

Our corporate logo "Square-T" symbolizes our wish to earn customers' Trust through Technology and Teamwork. The technology examined by the Flavor Division encompasses research and development as well as sales, marketing, procurement, production, and quality control. Every part of our business acts with a high level of awareness as professionals to add value to products and services and offer solutions to customers and earn their trust through teamwork. We embrace a global perspective as we create a future for food that has value, while always remaining inspired by our Japanese heritage. 


Latest Topics

As we explore where our next challenges lie, we take action with our gaze on the future.

Flavor design

Our goal is to offer our customers comprehensive solutions for the manufacture of their finished goods. We bring together technologies and product concepts with an understanding of global trends and consumers to create flavors that offer greater value.

Our Heritage

One of the important aspects in flavor development is understanding the food cultures and preferences rooted in various countries around the world. As a global flavor house originating from Asia and established by Japanese chemists in 1920, we cherish the essence of Asian and Japanese culinary allure and heritage. We deliver products rooted in the charm and heritage of Asian and Japanese cuisine to the world.


Consumer Insights & Market Research (CIMR)

Through teams specialized in marketing and research in 15 countries, we develop and propose flavors rooted in market trends and consumer insights. These consumer insights even include needs that consumers themselves are not yet aware of. We approach needs with flavors as the focal point, and use the data obtained to develop flavors that we strategically connect to creation and proposals.



Drawing on the foundations of analysis, human science (physiological psychology), bioscience, formulation, and other core technologies cultivated in Japan, we collaborate with our flavor R&D departments in nine countries to pursue flavor creation, materials development, and application development.


Core Competency

We work in categories from beverage, confectionery, savory, bakery, dairy, and oral care. With materials as our core strength, we transcend categories to engage in innovative technological development, concept creation, and sustainable supply of finished goods.

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