Natural materials such as citrus and vanilla are extremely important and valuable in creating flavors. As a company that creates flavors, we involve ourselves deeply in all aspects from raw materials procurement to creation and quality standardization, and engage in business that is friendly to the environment and to people.


Environment-friendly and people-friendly initiatives

A project that comprehensively supports vanilla producers

Madagascar's vanilla market has undergone turmoil in recent years, creating extremely trying conditions for vanilla producers. To aid these producers, we have advanced a plan to acquire Fairtrade certification. The initial objectives of the project are a detailed mapping of vanilla farmers and their plantations, assessment of current conditions, provision of opportunities for improvement, and training to achieve Fairtrade and organic certification. We have completed the preparatory stage together with vanilla producers, and have identified relevant agricultural, technological, environmental, and social issues. Takasago Madagascar, our joint operations partner Ramanandraibe Export, and four co-operatives are collaborating to carry out the project on an ongoing basis. 


Initiatives for a sustainable grapefruit industry in Florida

Drastic declines in yields caused by major hurricanes or citrus diseases are among the unavoidable risks faced by grapefruit plantations. In 2019, Takasago signed an agreement on long-term support for the grapefruit industry, reaffirming its strong relationship with the citrus industry that directly supports producers. We also take part in tree planting activities. Under the planting schedule we are following, about 40% have been planted and remaining 60% are planned to be planted over the next five years. The trees that have already been planted will yield grapefruit harvests within the next three years.