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It’s all about creating and sharing an emotion.

Meet Karine Dubreuil Sereni

Meet Karine Dubreuil Sereni

My scent memory: “The orange blossom Eau de Cologne that my mother used to rub my head with, and the smell of anethole that used to hang in the air in Grasse.”

My trip: “Brazil’s north-east region, in a 4x4, between the sand dunes and the sea, without coming across another living soul…”

My inspiration: “The smells and gardens of my childhood, the perfumes worn by people I have met, travel, cuisine of course… And my olfactory culture, which has become richer with each passing year.”

My iconic fragrance: “Opium. I used to literally drown myself in it! Dark, oriental and mysterious. And Empreinte by Courrèges, an ultra-feminine chypre.”

My color: “Red, the shade of my lipstick, my Ferrari-red painted kitchen…”

My dream: “To sing onstage one day, duetting with Roberto Alagna.”

My motto: “Inspired by the Dalai-Lama, joy is a strength, let’s nurture it.”

Meet Aurélien Guichard

Meet Aurélien Guichard

My scent memory: “As an adolescent, when I helped a friend of my parents take her coat off. The smell of her perfume made me immediately desire her. That day, I realized there was something magical in perfume.”

My trip: “The Mediterranean in spring, the season when nature awakens, and everything comes alive again.”

My inspiration: “It can be a simple gesture, a way of being, of saying something, of moving, captured in the moment by observing men and women going about their lives.”

My iconic fragrance: “Eau de Bulgari, L’Eau d’Issey, Dior Homme…”

My color: “White, the symbol of peace and freedom.”

My dream: “To live the life I love!”

My motto: “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Meet Sylvie Fischer

Meet Sylvie Fischer

My scent memory: “The smell that hangs in the air when you blow out a candle… It reminds me of the birthday cakes of my childhood.”

My trip: “My first hot air balloon flight over west Paris. It’s a majestic, magical object.”

My inspiration: “I love taking and keeping photographs, traces that will be passed on from generation to generation.”

My iconic fragrance: “Shalimar, from the very beginning… The name, the bottle, the fragrance, everything about it is magnificent, an object to be admired.”

My color: “Black and white, for the yin and yang and all the mystery that surrounds them.”

My dream: “Islands, because for me they represent escape, whether far away in Polynesia or just in the Mediterranean.”

My motto: “I am passionate about proverbs. Like this one: “All that glitters is not gold.”