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We will create new value by communicating tea culture, with its origins in Asia, to the world.

Green tea, oolong tea, black tea, and other tea-based beverages, made by steeping the leaves of Camellia sinensis in water, are thought to be the oldest beverages in the world. Tea culture became widespread primarily in Asia, but in recent years growing health consciousness has spurred its popularity around the world. The development of tea-based products is ramping up, yielding a rich array of teas such as fruits flavored and carbonated beverages. As one of Asia's leading flavor companies, we will create new value while communicating traditional culture and flavors.

Tea-related news

Initiatives related to Tea


We engage in development of richly aromatic, high-quality tea-based flavors and extracts, centered on our aroma and extraction technologies. Xiamen Hua Ri Foods Industrial in China has introduced technology and equipment from Takasago. The company makes use of its location in a tea leaf producing region to manufacture oolong and other tea-based extracts. As health consciousness expands and the development of tea-based products becomes increasingly active around the world, we are developing authentic tea-based flavors and extracts based on the tea-related knowledge and technology we have cultivated in Japan.


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Access to tea leaves from around the world


Tea Expertise

Tea extract development that leverages our aroma and extraction technologies

Affiliated Companies

Xiamen Hua Ri Foods Industrial Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1987, Xiamen Hua Ri Foods Industrial has introduced technology and equipment from Takasago. The company uses high-quality tea leaf ingredients from China to manufacture safe and trusted tea-based extracts. under strict quality standards.