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Contributing to society through our technology creating distinctive flavors and fragrances

Takasago International Corporation was established in Japan in 1920. For more than 100 years, with a corporate philosophy “Contributing to Society through Technology” in mind, Takasago has developed flavors and fragrances for some of the world’s most successful manufacturers of foods, beverages, fine fragrances, home and personal care products. We are a global leading company especially in the Asian region.

For over 35 years, we also have been a leading company as the first industrial producer of l -Menthol using our core technology, asymmetric synthesis. The technology enables us to produce unique, novel, and nature-identical aroma ingredients and in addition, to manufacture pharmaceutical intermediates, functional materials, and other fine chemicals.

Nowadays the Takasago Group maintains offices, production sites, and R&D centers in 28 countries and regions. Through our network of global research, production, creativity and marketing, we develop products tailored to the needs of individual markets.

By utilizing our technologies and our global network, we will continue developing high-quality and innovative products that contribute to cultural and social progress.

The Takasago Collection Propagates the Culture of Fragrance


From among the approximately 1,000 pieces of art and documents related to fragrances owned by our company, this section introduces representative items that convey the culture and history of fragrances.