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We communicate new ways of enjoying globally-familiar citrus by discovering new value.

Citrus is both a familiar fruit and flavor worldwide. What makes citrus interesting is the many cultivated varieties, from the common ones well-known globally to those with uniquely local character. These varieties differ in aroma and flavor and in how they are enjoyed, but they all share a refreshing and pleasant presence. We will continue to discover new value in citrus and communicating varied ways of enjoying this fruit.

Citrus-related news

Initiatives related to citrus


We secure high-quality raw materials and maintain stable supply for our citrus flavors, which are mainly compounded from natural materials. We also give consideration to environmental protection and endeavor to make the Florida grapefruit industry sustainable. In partnership with Peace River Citrus Products (PRCP), a major U.S. citrus processor, we produce citrus oils and aromas and are developing new citrus materials at the Citrus Center in Florida.

「Sustainable Supply」のイメージ

Sustainable Supply

Stable procurement of citrus ingredients

「Quality & Safety」のイメージ

Quality & Safety

Supply of high-quality and trusted citrus flavor

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Global Citrus Partnership

Partnership with fruit juice producer PRCP

Citrus Center ロゴ

Citrus Center / Citrus Research Center

In 2008, we established the Citrus Center in Florida in partnership with a major U.S. citrus processor Peace River Citrus Products (PRCP). In addition to securing citrus ingredients and building a stable supply system, the Citrus Center produces citrus oils and aromas. We have also set up a citrus research center in the facility to develop natural citrus materials.