Research and Development

  • Several continuous flow processes have been utilized to realize safer operation with less energy.
  • Development of Special Catalysts(Efforts toward reduce environmental impacts)


  • Staving for sustainable procurement (including conservation of biodiversity, etc.)
  • Share environmental and social values with suppliers


  • Energy-saving activities and facility renewal
  • Promotion of 3Rs


  • Cooperation with environment conscious logistics partners
  • Focus on the efficiency of transportation to reduce environmental impact

General Affairs

  • Promote Green purchasing throughout Takasago group when purchasing stationery, etc.

Information Systems

  • Collaboration with environmentally conscious vendors
  • To promote the purchase of IT equipment with low environmental impact

EHS, Global Integration Headquarters

  • Responses in line with TCFD disclosure information (analysis and disclosure of risks and opportunities, development of basic strategies in line with SBTi objectives, data collection, etc.)
  • Responses to the reduction of environmental impact through actions for biodiversity, reduction of water usage