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We are exploring the appeal of coffee, the drink that has captivated people to become a global standard.

As a luxury shared worldwide, coffee has become an indispensable beverage in everyday life. Popularity trend have emerged as the times have changed, attracting attention under the name of "coffee waves." As seen in the third wave allegedly originating in the coffee shop culture of Japan, countries around the world have their own coffee cultures. Leverage the strength we have in our bases around the globe, we will continue to explore more deeply into the appeal of coffee.

Coffee-related news

Initiatives related to Coffee


We are making concerted efforts in the area of coffee, for which aroma and flavor, such as the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the flavor of a dark roast, are major factors in appeal. Our affiliated company and coffee specialist Takasago Coffee is part of our strengths. Japan is a special market in which coffee products command a major share of the beverage market. As a flavor company specializing in coffee, we believe that the knowledge and the unique technologies that we have gained through the development of varied products can contribute to coffee products not only in Japan but around the world as well.


Coffee Expertise

Deep knowledge of coffee aromas, cultivated through Japan's RTD coffee


Coffee Company

Development of extracts with coffee company Takasago Coffee

Affiliated Companies


Since its establishment in 1946, Takasago Coffee has tackled coffee through proprietary technology and know-how cultivated over the years. At present, it specializes in the production of coffee extracts, including quality inspection of green coffee beans, roasting, and extraction. It engages in tie-ups with Takasago's technical teams to meet increasingly sophisticated needs.