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Aroma Ingredients Paving the Way to Innovative New Fragrances

Aroma ingredients play an important role in the creation of new fragrances. Ever since synthetic scent materials were developed in the 19th century, fine fragrances and fragrances blended for other uses have been key players in realizing a rich range of expressions impossible to achieve with natural aroma ingredients alone. It is truly epoch-making materials, furthermore, that help support the success of perfumes, long-seller toiletries and other products cherished around the world. The enlightened development of new raw materials also contributes to the critical cause of attaining a sustainable society. The Takasago Aroma Ingredients Division vigorously develops and supplies aroma raw materials envisioned to generate compatibility between creation and sustainability.

More with Less

More with Less

  • “More With Less” is a core concept used to express the restructured merits of Takasago aroma ingredient. The underlying themes of this motto may be summarized as “simple,” “sustainable” and “solution.” The key characteristics of this concept include reduction of  waste matter from unnecessary components by using chiral technology to create only the desired components, supplying more natural ingredients, realizing high impact products capable of producing strong aromas by adding only small volumes, and ingredients formed by the renewable materials and Green Chemistry.
  • All you need is less: More value with less volume.
  • Sustainable : More respect with less waste.
  • Solution maker : More freedom with less constraint.
More With Less


Ingredient Collection Integrating Takasago Technology.

Ever since its foundation, Takasago has pursued the quest to supply aroma ingredients indispensable in the palettes of perfumers. In this section, please examine our collection of materials central in the goal of compatibility between creation and sustainability.


Sustainable Scent™

Next-Generation Aroma Ingredients

For our industry, a sector which greatly benefits from the rich inspiration and blessings of nature, eco-friendly considerations comprise a genuinely essential theme.

Sustainable Scent™ refers to our next-generation aroma ingredients product category, which is an eco-friendly product group using renewable materials and green processes such as fermentation and, enzyme reactions. A major ingredient in this group is Biomuget®, a brand first released on the market in 2014. Derived from sugar cane, this outstanding biodegradable lily-of-the-valley material boasts a Bio-based index value of 100%.



Aroma Ingredients Rich in Original Takasago Technology

In 2001, Professor Ryoji Noyori of Japan, currently Takasago Outside Director, was honored with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work in asymmetric synthesis technology powered by chiral catalyzation.

Today, Chiraroma® is a Takasago brand product which pools ingredients effective in the blending of scents, using the asymmetric synthesis technology and other techniques. Instilled with traits in which aroma quality and strength are brought closer to the materials existing in the natural world, long-lasting  scents, superb biodegradability and other fine benefits, this product lineup contributes handsomely to the creative endeavors of perfumers.

Chiraroma® contributes to reducing an emvironmental impact in the production process as well.


Cosmetic Ingredients


Takasago cosmetic ingredients offer a unique quality of Human Identical Ceramides for skin and hair hydration, Sensates® which offers a range of sensory ingredients providing cooling or warming sensations, along with Hinokitiol which is utilized for its outstanding antibacterial and anti-inflammatory functions.

Position Statement on Animal Testing

The Takasago group is committed to the followings regarding research and development on flavor, fragrance compounds and aroma ingredients.

  1. The Takasago group will not conduct any animal testing.
  2. The Takasago group will not sponsor any activities involving animal testing.


This excludes the cases when animal testing is explicitly required by law, regulation, instructions, or guidelines of governmental agencies to demonstrate safety or quality.

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