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We are Takasago

For more than 100 years, we have been creating fragrances. From Kyoto to Grasse. From Paris to Tokyo, New York, São Paulo or Shanghai... We create fragrances and we do it differently.
We go beyond.
We design unique fragrances with a true sense of aesthetics, audacity and performance.

We have the cult of innovation and disruption.

We are dream-makers. We are a feel-good factory. We create olfactive experiences and bring positive emotions all around the world.

We care about our environment. Not only because Nature is a fragile Eden, but because preserving the planet has been anchored in our history since 1920. We draw our love and respect for Nature from our Japanese roots. We see Nature as an infinite source of inspiration and creativity. And as a pioneer of green chemistry, we see Science as a gift to protect the Nature of tomorrow.

01. We are Japanese

We are Japanese

From Kyoto to Grasse, celebrating the fragrant journey of our founder, Tadaka Kainosho.

We are proud of our history. In 1910, a young professor of organic chemistry left the Imperial University of Kyoto to set out on a quest for knowledge. The descendent of a dynasty of Samurai, Tadaka Kainosho, born in 1880, had decided to study Western perfumery in its capital: Grasse. There, he learned the extraction of natural ingredients as well as the fabrication and evaluation of fragrances. Having returned to Japan, Tadaka Kainosho founded Takasago in 1920. Named after the legend of twin pine trees symbolizing eternal love, Takasago would go on to become a pioneer in green chemistry and one of the world’s leading perfumery companies.

Asia as a source of Inspiration

We see Asia, not only as our roots, but also as a laboratory of trends and innovation. Eyes on the future. Between haute beauty and cutting-edge science. Inventing the fragrances of tomorrow.

02. We are driven by the cult of creativity and innovation

We are driven by the cult of creativity and innovation

“The classics of today are the revolutions of yesterday”. Pierre Bourdon.

Creativity is always at the center of everything we do. Our perfumers are driven by their passion for sourcing the best ingredients in the world and creating unique and emotional signatures.

Since 1920, R&D has also been at the center of our creative process. Enhancing performance, long-lastingness and trail, but also wellbeing thanks to the Science of Emotions, with over 30 years of research in the field of neuroscience between Tokyo and Paris.

03. We respect Nature

We respect Nature

As a Japanese company, we are committed to Nature and to our customers. Transparency and Trust are key, for a better future.

From field to bottle...

Our priority is to improve the responsible sourcing of our natural ingredients, from essential oils to certified organic natural ingredients that promote the preservation of biodiversity, ingredients labeled For Life, Fair for Life, which certify responsible production and manufacturing and ensuring fair and equitable payment, but also upcycled natural ingredients that give them a new life.

and science for Nature...

As a pioneer of green chemistry, we have a very wide palette of biobased ingredients, made from sustainable natural resources and constituted from a minimum 50% natural carbon such as pine derivatives, but also biotech ingredients or bioswitch ingredients with a reduced carbon footprint.

For sustainable creation

Favoring short formulas, creating biodegradable formulas, producing RSPO-MB certified formulas, guaranteeing the use of sustainable palm oil derivatives, we create environmentally friendly formulas and communicate in a transparent manner on the ingredients that compose them.