Consumer Insights & Market Research

We create concepts and recommend flavors to support our customers’ product development, tapping our resources as a global company to produce interesting and market-leading results. The work is spearheaded by teams that specialize in Consumer Insights & Market Research in 15 countries around the world. They explore themes from various perspectives such as products, categories, lifestyles, behaviors and cohorts, and meld these with market trends and research on business-to-business-to-customer engagement. These insights are used to create original flavors that combine with the flavor technologies of Takasago.

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Global Pulse TrendSeeds™ 

Our dedicated Consumer Insights and Marketing teams leverage our global network to constantly share information on wide-ranging categories of trends and make use of this information in concept proposals for customers. We gain a multifaceted understanding of the whole picture from information that can only be obtained locally to global trends.

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Consumer Insights

Consumer Insights refer to the bundle of complex understanding we find and synthesize around how people behave, respond and act. Our researchers across the globe design studies integrating carefully collected consumer information and content analysis to deeply understand consumer decisions. These insights provide business stakeholders seeds of new flavors and technological advancements and contribute to concept designs for customers.