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A new food solution for a delightful life and harmonious planet


is a basic necessity for survival – but it provides more than that!
It’s also about health, happiness, and
connecting with friends and family.

We choose to enjoy food according to...


our desires


dietary needs

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cultural and ethical

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religious beliefs


Why do we enjoy eating a particular food?

It could be because . . .
it has a taste we are familiar with,
it is part of our culture,
the ingredients are local and are of peak season,
it reminds us of grandma’s cooking,
we are eating with friends and family,
we are happy.

Essentially, the food we eat is related to all five senses - vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch – which enable us to say whether the food is tasty or not.

According to our Consumer Insights and Market Research global studies, 
we know that more and more people are identifying themselves as vegetarians or flexitarians*, of which the latter is looking for plant-based foods whose appearance, smell, taste, and texture are indistinguishable from the original animal source foods. 

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Source: Takasago Plant-Based Study 2020 (Global data is based on the total of 7 countries including China, Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, USA)

So how do we enhance and satisfy our culinary experience?

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Takasago's Shojin® Solutions

Shojin is derived from a traditional cuisine commonly practiced by Buddhist monks. Like many plant-based diets, Shojin focuses on meals free of animal products while being just as tasty.

By integrating the philosophy of Shojin and Washoku, Takasago has developed Shojin® for elevating modern plant-based cooking and products. Our solutions deliver new culinary experiences with our pioneering technology while being aligned with our corporate philosophy, “Contributing to Society through Technology.”

Shojin® solutions will allow consumers to enjoy the best of both worlds – delicious food and a healthier lifestyle. And ultimately, a harmonious planet. 

Basic technical approach

Shojin® go-ho

Our Shojin® solution takes its inspiration from the Japanese cooking techniques which could elevate your products.


Bio technology

produces ingredients which contribute to good taste from natural fermentation and aging process.


Processing technology

extracts and enhances flavors in natural food.


Visualization technology

allows us to sense invisible experiences.


Analytical technology

allows us to understand foods from many angles such as aroma, taste and texture.


Creation technology

leverages these materials and technologies as well as comprehensive understanding of “eating/drinking” for new culinary experiences.


Why Shojin®?

Shojin® supports customer’s product development in creating plant-based products by enhancing the taste and mouthfeel of plant-based foods and contributing to consumers' individual healthy lifestyles.

Takasago’s Shojin® Holistic Approach

There are diverse eating habits such as vegetarians, flexiarians, etc.

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Shojin Approach 2 EN.jpg

In other words, making all kinds of plant-based foods taste good/better with the science & wisdom of culinary traditions. As a result, they are contributing to a harmonious environment & society.