Takasago is engaged in research to find new values in flavors and fragrances utilizing biological technologies such as microbial and cell culture.

Functional Evaluation Platform

From ancient times, fragrances have been known to have secondary functions including antiseptic activity. With the aim to reduce uncomfortable and harmful factors from the environment and maintain a healthy life, Takasago develops Aromahygiene® fragrances with physiological and functional activities by taking advantage of anti-microbial, anti-oxidant and insect-repellent properties of essential oils and aroma ingredients.

Receptor Evaluation Platform

People receive sensory stimuli (smell, taste, temperature etc.) via receptors expressed in cells of the sensory organs (nose, tongue, skin etc.) and transmit this information to the brain. With the olfactory, taste, and thermal receptors artificially expressed in cultured cells via genetic engineering, Takasago can evaluate the stimuli provided by aroma ingredients objectively and efficiently. Takasago is applying this technology to the development of Sensates®, which provide cooling and warming effects, new aroma ingredients and for research on malodor control.