Takasago conducts pioneering work on the digitalization of R&D and applies these technologies as solutions for business challenges. Here our efforts applied to the field of flavor and fragrance are introduced.

Computational Science Platform

Takasago has established a virtual laboratory where computers conduct research day and night based on the researchers’ idea. A technology platform for computational science integrating cross-disciplinary knowledge such as chemistry, biology, and physics is continuously being expanded. Data, information, and knowledge arising from the platform are actively utilized to expand our R&D capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence Platform

Takasago is implementing a next-generation R&D system that makes the most of the strengths of both human and artificial intelligence - rich creativity and complex modeling capability. A technology platform for artificial intelligence with the ability of learning, reasoning, and decision making in cooperation with our creative and R&D members has been established. Our artificial intelligence system, Ai-T-AromaTM integrating algorithms such as Deep Learning, will make it possible to achieve unprecedented levels of R&D.