I.  Takasago Group’s Management Policies

1)  Corporate Mission and Vision 2040

The Group celebrated the 100th anniversary in 2020. This fiscal year, the 101st year, we have added the corporate mission, “Create new value through innovation rooted in kaori (aroma in Japanese). The corporate mission is incorporated in the essence of Takasago, which our predecessors have cultivated in the past 100 years. We have established Vision 2040 as a vision of ourselves in 20 years, or in 2040. In Vision2040, The Group aims to achieve the following four goals in addition to the policy of “Care for People, Respect the Environment”

  • proud of our culture of respect, diversity and inclusion
  • in harmony with nature, enriching and bringing well-being to daily life
  • full of hope and ambition, confidently taking on new challenges
  • eager to keep innovating, remaining an indispensable company

2)  Management Plans

To get closer to our vision stated in Vision 2040, we will implement our Mid-Term Management Plan, New Global Plan-1 (NGP-1), from FY2021 to FY2023. In NGP-1, three basic directions are described: (1) Achieving higher growth in overseas markets, particularly emerging markets, which are growing remarkably, (2) seeking to improve profitability in Japan, and (3) developing sustainability globally. We position the five policies of the preceding Mid-Term Management Plan, One-T, as the five pillars in NGP-1 and have set seven priority issues that the entire Group should strive to achieve in line with the basic directions and pillars. To achieve the seven priority issues, we will strengthen cooperation among overseas bases, increase production capacity, accelerate rationalization, and enhance the research and development function primarily in Japan. For the entire Group to share goals and pursue them as "One Takasago," we will have leaders provide stronger leadership and enhance global communication and will thereby boost employees' motivation.

New Global Plan【NGP-1】FY2021-2023

●Three Basic Directions

  • Growth expansion overseas
  • Profit improvement in Japan
  • Sustainability promotion

●Five Pillars

  • Human Resources Development
  • Business Growth Strategies
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Improvement of Profitability
  • Technological Innovation

●Seven Priority Issues

  1. Aligning and strengthening of global management backbone
  2. Making system and structure for reinforcement of business divisions at overseas affiliates
  3. Creating a future vision of chemical business, and restructuring of chemical production system accordingly
  4. Striving after effectiveness of flavor and fragrance manufacture
  5. Developing human resources to bridge between Japan and Overseas
  6. Generating competitive technologies leveraged by state-of-the-art science
  7. SDGs conscious developing of new products and materials