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Vivid Flavors® / VIVID®

Vivid Flavors®/VIVID® is a flavor brand that recreates vibrant true to nature flavors, crafted through advanced analytical techniques, flavor creation, and sensory experts. Through diverse and extensive fruit, citrus, herb, spice, and other collections, Vivid Flavors®/VIVID® meets the needs of customers who seek to express authentic taste.

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Strengths of Vivid Flavors®


Identification of select targets

We select targets for Vivid Flavors® through the collection of information on production areas and varieties to seek out premium quality seasonal fruits, fresh herbs, and more.


Advanced analytical techniques

Vivid Flavors® extracts the aromas of targets under optimum conditions, identifies key components through gas chromatography analysis, and analyzes tastes through screening key components and other technologies.


Masterful compounding techniques

Through the masterful compounding techniques of flavorists based on contributing components identified through gas chromatography-olfactometry, Vivid Flavors® reproduces authentic flavors.


Utilization of independently developed key contributing ingredients

Vivid Flavors® independently develops key contributing components identified through detailed aroma analysis, for use in compounding.


Optimization of effectiveness in diverse products

Vivid Flavors® verifies flavor effectiveness in varied products through advanced application technologies.

Vivid Flavors® solution ideas

Support for reproduction of the original aromas of food and reduce natural ingredients

Vivid Flavors® confers deliciousness and natural aroma by using flavors to supplement the natural fresh aromas of food that are often lost in processing. Reproducing essential aromas can aid in reducing natural ingredients and reducing the amounts used, contributing to stable supply.


Categories in which we can make contributions