Global market developments and flavor trends that support your product development

Quickly grasping trends in diversifying markets is vital for fast-moving product development. Takasago’s global network is essential in finding, summarizing, and communicating recent trends and market developments to our customers. Having a multifaceted and multicultural understanding of the whole picture gained from information that can only be obtained locally is one of Takasago’s core strengths.

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Global Pulse TrendSeeds™

Takasago leverages the Global Pulse TrendSeeds™ approach to gauge market & consumer pulse globally and identifies emerging macro trends that impact the food & beverage industry as well as flavor trends for new product innovation.

A multicultural and multinational team effort

For our annual report, Takasago’s global cross-functional teams, including marketing, consumer insights, and R&D, have gathered, analyzed, and summarized over 1000 data sources from over 30 countries to create a report summarizing all relevant macro and flavor trends for the beverage and food industry.

Macro Trends 

Emerging trends that broadly impact the food & beverage industry globally. These trends are influenced by dynamic changes in macro factors such as political and economic instability, environment, technology advancements, and demographic changes as well as consumer attitudes and behaviors related to physical and emotional wellness, planet health, and new product experiences.

Takasago Macro Trends 2023 Reassessing Value

Reassessing Value

Innovating in food & drink categories to address cost of living crisis and global resource scarcity

Takasago Macro Trend 2023 Renewable World

Renewable World

Supporting product development that safeguards the health of the planet for the future

Takasago Macro Trends 2023 Proactive Living

Proactive Living

Designing product solutions for a holistically healthier humanity

Takasago Macro Trends 2023 Alternatives for the Planet

Alternatives for The Planet

Introducing a more sustainable future thought plant-based products and alternative proteins

Takasago Macro Trends 2023 Fuel My Mood

Fuel My Mood

Offering mood enhancing food for consumers to eat better and feel great

Takasago Macro Trends 2023 Generations Under Spotlight

Generations Under Spotlight

Exploring the preferences and needs of increasingly influential generations (Gen Z, Gen Alpha & Seniors)

Takasago Macro Trends 2023 Delicious Destination

Delicious Destination

Inspiring new product development with foreign flavors. Rich and unexpected combinations are embraced

Takasago Macro Trends 2023 Crave For Experience

Crave for Experience

Creating memorable experiences thought product innovation

Takasago Macro Trends 2023 Escape From Reality

Escape from Reality

Enhancing experiences in digital communities - from e-sport/gaming to the metaverse

高砂香料 マクロトレンド2023 「フードテック」


Improving food production and processing thought biotechnology, science, and AI

Flavor Trends 

Latest flavor trends around the world that Takasago identifies based on consumer preference & interest and dynamic market activities. These flavor trends can help inspire new flavors & product innovation for the food & beverage category.

Takasago Flavor Trends 2023 Fruit Flavors 2.0

Fruit Flavor 2.0

Global fruit flavors add excitement and create multi-layered experiences in sweet and savory applications

Takasago Flavor Trends 2023 Flavor & Wellbeing

Flavor & Wellbeing

Health-minded eating, nourished with tasty flavor

Takasago Flavor Trends 2023 Newer Botanicals

Newer Botanicals

The use of botanicals continues to rise, adding an element of surprise

Takasago Flavor Trends 2023 Comfort & Nostalgia

Comfort & Nostalgia

Nostalgia-inspired flavors provide an emotional retreat, transporting us down memory lane

Takasago Flavor Trends 2023 Permissible Indulgence

Permissible Indulgence

Consumers are still turning towards indulgent foods, with many seeking indulgences that coincide with mindful eating

Takasago Flavor Trends 2023 Travel Through Flavors

Travel Through Flavors

Iconic regional global flavors can provide inspiration and discovery into adventurous and emerging flavors

Takasago Flavor Trends 2023 From Palette to Palate

From Palette to Palate

Coloring your plate through flavors

Takasago Flavor Trends 2023 Celebrating Moments

Celebrating Moments

Immersive experiences provide adventure through flavors

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This report is one example of how all the gathered knowledge is shared globally and combined with our technology to create authentic, market-winning flavors for you which meet consumers’ expectations.


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