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The Takasago group has established the “Corporate Logistics Policy” as principles of logistics in accordance with the “Charter of Corporate Behavior” which includes consideration toward a sustainable society.
We practice the following in our logistics activities:

Corporate Logistics Policy

  • Continuously striving to provide the highest level of customer service while providing a safe and stable source of supply.
  • Constantly pursuing excellence in our logistics operations, systems and processes.
  • Persisting in the observance of all relevant laws and regulations, respect for human rights, being fair, and considering environmental preservation.


The Takasago group has established Declaration of Information Security. Additionally, we have an IT regulation for internal use.

Declaration of Information Security

Basic Philosophy 

It is Takasago International Corporation basic management policy to establish, maintain and continually update and improve our information security systems and capabilities.

Course of Action 

We collect, use and provide  information in accordance with the relevant internal regulations in all our business activities.

We take appropriate and timely action to prevent any illegal access or disruption of our IT Systems to stop any loss, leakage or  falsification or  disruption of our Information Assets.

We strictly comply with the regulations and guidelines mandated by the basic policies on information security. 

We ensure that all employees are aware of  the importance of information security and their proper use of  information. 

We make every effort to ensure information security through regular inspections, evaluations, audits and the strict observance of the basic policies and guidelines on information security. 

Conflict Mineral Response

Certain conflict minerals (tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold) produced from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and neighboring countries are being mined in an inhuman manner and circulated as a source of funding for militant groups. The procurement and usage of conflict materials is a major concern on human rights.

The Takasago Group views the procurement and usage of conflict minerals as a major social issue and has established the "Conflict Mineral Response Policy" in order to promote procurement activities that take human rights and the environment into consideration. Based on this policy, we will continue to cooperate with our business partners and strive to avoid the use of concerned minerals.