Occupational Health & Safety (OHS)

Occupational Health and Safety Management System (“OHSMS”)

Takasago is globally advancing its acquisition of the ISO 45001 certification of its occupational health and safety management system (“OHSMS”), in addition to the ISO 14001 certification. In 2020, Takasago production sites in Japan acquired ISO 45001 certification and the Corporate Research & Development Division in Japan and 8 overseas production sites acquired the certification in 2021.

Takasago will continue to expand its overseas production bases’ acquisition of this certification and promote occupational safety and health initiatives through a globally unified management system.

Incident Reporting Rule and Incident Investigation

EHS HQ established the reporting rule for incidents (including occupational accidents) in 2020. This has enabled the entire group to receive and share incident information in a timely manner in accordance with this rule.

Investigating the cause of incidents is very important from the perspective of preventing incidents that are the same or similar. Once EHS HQ receives an incident report from the site where an incident occurred, EHS HQ reviews the incident’s description, causes and corrective actions to ensure the accuracy of the investigation conducted at the site.

Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment

In Takasago, the Occupational Health and Safety Risk Assessment (“OHS RA”) Rules apply at all production sites, unless there are more strict relevant local legal requirements. Takasago evaluates the occupational health and safety risks impacting all employees involving workplace hazards based on this rule. The EHS HQ is currently working on building supplementary procedures for OHS Rules to globally enhance the OHS RA.

OHS Communication & Inspection 

Global EHS Meetings are held at least four times a year to share information related to EHS.

EHS HQ conducts EHS inspections at several production sites every year. To date, EHS HQ has inspected sites in the US, India and Singapore. During these inspections, EHS HQ introduced information about the EHS requirements, checked progress, discussed EHS issues and shared best practices. Due to COVID-19, these site inspections have been suspended since early 2020, but in their place EHS HQ has developed a remote EHS inspection method and inspected production sites in Mexico successfully. EHS HQ will continue to perform EHS inspections remotely until this situation is resolved and ensure that EHS activities are being conducted at sites globally.

Global EHS Meeting


Employee Occupational Health and Safety Training

Takasago shared the result of risk assessments conducted by each site and each site has eliminated similar hazards and reduced risks related to these incidents.

In accordance with the OHS objectives of Takasago in 2021, each site conducted the drills specified for emergency situations at each site at least twice a year to ensure the effectiveness of the procedures.

Occupational Injuries (Work-related Injuries)

EHS HQ is preparing to aggregate the OHS data, including information about occupational injuries and illnesses using T-ReCS®.

In 2021, there were 14 work-related injuries in Japan, 21 in EMEA, 7 in Asia- Pacific, and 7 in Americas. “Occupational Injury Frequency Rate” was 5.48, and “Severity Rate” was 0.07. The main type of work-related injury was contact with chemical substances. There were no fatal work-related injuries in the same period.