The Takasago group is selected as a "Supplier Engagement Leader" in CDP's Supplier Engagement Rating

The Takasago group was selected by CDP*1 as a "Supplier Engagement Leader" in its Supplier Engagement Rating in recognition of our climate change measures throughout the supply chain.

CDP SER 2022

CDP conducts Supplier Engagement Rating on climate change questionnaires related to supplier engagement, including governance, reduction targets, Greenhouse Gas ("GHG") Scope 3 emissions, and value chain engagement. In fiscal year 2022, approximately 600 companies, representing the top 8% of respondents to climate change questionnaire, were selected as Supplier Engagement Leaders.

Our group has set a target*2 of reducing GHG Scope3 emissions 13.5% by FY2030 from FY2019 base year. To achieve this target, various initiatives are being promoted globally under our mid- to long-term sustainability plan, Sustainability 2030. We were selected as a model company for the Ministry of the Environment's "decarbonization promotion project" and have been studying measures to reduce Scope 3 emissions.

(Please refer to the news release on September 9, 2022.

The Takasago group will continue to focus on building a sustainable supply chain and will work together on sustainability issues.

※1 CDP is global environmental NGO that encourages companies and cities to disclose information on corporate initiatives on "climate change," "water security," and "forests," analyzes and evaluates the collected information, and discloses the results of its evaluations, which are recognized as a global standard.

※2 The Takasago group has established GHG emissions reduction targets, and these targets has been approved as science-based targets by Science Based Targets initiative.

(Please refer to the news release on June 21, 2021

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