Poster presentation at IFSCC 2021

TAKASAGO gave poster presentations at the 26th IFSCC* Conference 2021 Cancun held online from October 18th to 28th, 2021


How can we reduce the discomfort of malodors in the nursing care scene? Development of novel fragrances using the olfactory receptor technology.


The nursing care odor is a complex odor composed of strong odors such as fecal odor and body odor. We have succeeded in developing novel deodorant fragrances for it, that can significantly reduce discomfort by combining Olfactory Receptor (OR) and TRANSODORTM technologies. OR technology is a selective deodorization technology using OR antagonism and TRANSODORTM technology is a kind of masking technologies that harmonizes malodor components and changes them into pleasant fragrances. The deodorant fragrance, which was a complementary combination of both technologies reduced effectively the discomfort of the nursing care odor.

It can be expected that the deodorant fragrances developed via this study relieve stress from both caregivers and care-receivers by reducing the discomfort of the nursing care odor and make them healthier physically and mentally, leading to improvements in QOL.


*IFSCC: The International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists