Forms for Fragrance-Treasures from the Takasago Collection Exhibition was held at the Akita Senshu Museum of Art.

This exhibition commemorates the 100th anniversary of its founding, which has been touring four venues nationwide since 2020. The culmination of this exhibitionwas held at the Akita City Chiaki Museum of Art from July 17th to September 7th, 2021.



The exhibition consists of two chapters. Chapter 1, "Fragrances in foreign countries," focuses on foreign items made from BC to modern times, including ancient Greek fragrant oil jars, glass containers invented in the Ancient Orient, and modern European perfume bottles. The theme of Chapter 2 "Fragrances in Japan" is based on the theme of Japanese fragrance culture that was originally developed. Incense utensils in maki-e from the Edo period, and incense burners made by artists after the Meiji era were exibited. The exhibition offered about 230 items selected from the Takasago Collection. In addition, on July 31, we held an online course entitled "The World of Perfume-A Moment to Familiarize with the Fragrance", which was well received by participants as an event to experience the fragrance.




We would like to express our deep gratitude to many visitors for seeing a part of cultural trends in the history of fragrance and enjoying it.




Forms for Fragrance -Treasures from the Takasago Collection


Dates: July 17 (Sat) - September 5(Sun), 2021
Venue: the Akita Senshu Museum of Art.




Detail: Akita city official website