Takasago Group's GHG emissions reduction target(s) has been approved by The Science Based Targets initiative.


Takasago Group's GHG1 emissions reduction targets has been approved by The Science Based Targets initiative2. Approved targets are as below;


・Takasago International Corporation commits to reduce absolute Scope1※3 and Scope2※4 GHG emissions 27.5% by FY2030/31 from a FY 2019/20 base year.

・Takasago International Corporation also commits to reduce absolute Scope3※5 GHG emissions 13.5% within the same timeframe.


The same reduction targets are set in Sustainability 2030, which is a new mid-long term Sustainability plan, started from April, 2021. We contribute to carbon neutral society by achieving the reduction targets through efficient use of energy and introduction of renewable energy and collaboration with suppliers of raw materials, etc.


1.GreenHouse Gas

2.The SBTi is a global partnership to encourage companies to set the science-based target of GHG emission reduction. Now, 93 companies in Japan has been approved by SBTi at the end of March, 2021.

3.Direct emissions from the reporting company's factories, offices, vehicles, etc.

4.Indirect energy-derived emissions from electric power and other energy consumed by the reporting company.

5.Emissions from supply chain activities such as procurement, logistics, use of sold products, etc.

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