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Mascarade by L.T. Piver


  • Mascarade by L.T. Piver
France 1928 H5.3cm
A hat with a long sideways brim and diamond costume pattern of a Harlequin inspired the design of this perfume bottle, while male and female masks serve as the motif for the label mark. The perfume bottle, fancy box and perfume itself all remain in their original condition, making this set a particularly good specimen.

"?" by Fragonard


France 1946 H10.7cm
A perfume produced by Fragonard in 1946 named "?" which has been preserved in unused condition. The pear-shaped bottle forms the shape of a question mark when it is inverted. The bottle has a pattern of bubble-like spots.

Coque d'Or by Baccarat


  • Coque d'Or by Baccarat
France 1938 H5.5cm
Made by Baccarat for Guerlain. Conque d'Or is a perfume that has gained great popularity. There are six bottle sizes, with gold plating applied to the smaller three sizes, whereas the larger three sizes show their original cobalt blue base material.

Geometric Design Glass Dresser Set


  • Geometric Design Glass Dresser Set
Austria c. 1930 H13.7cm H19cm H13.3cm
The copper red glass with geometric pattern was strengthened through a process of ion exchange. This flacon and atomizer set was created by the Bohemian artist Karl Palda between the late 1920s and early 1930s.

Petticoat-shaped Perfume Bottle


  • Petticoat-shaped Perfume Bottle
Spain c. 1920 H23.5cm
The bottle is known to originate from a perfumery in Spain.(The label has been lost,)

Perfume Bottle"Dalcrose"


  • Perfume Bottle Dalcrose
England 1916 H12.5cm
Dubarry perfume bottle. The stopper has a nude maiden wearing a veil that drapes down to "cover" the entire bottle. The highly elaborate design in a plated gold color indicates that the bottle once held an expensive perfume.

Jasmine in South France


  • 香水瓶<南仏のジャスミン>
U.S.A. c. 1930 H8.2cm
A beautiful hand-made decanter-style blown glass perfume bottle by Lorie Perfumers. Since it is difficult to create a perfume bottle of this size and shape, it is believed to be an item of limited production.