Fragrances in Foreign Countries René Lalique

René Lalique
Les Fleurs (Coty)

Les Fleurs was the first perfume for which Lalique was asked to create … Read more

  • René Lalique Les Fleurs

    1912 France

René Lalique
Ambre (D’Orsay)

The perfumer D’Orsay was founded in 1830. Among the many perfume … Read more

  • René Lalique Ambre」

    1911 France

René Lalique

In addition to receiving orders from perfume and cosmetics companies, … Read more

  • René Lalique Fougère

    1912 France

René Lalique
Bouchoun Eucalyptus

This Eucalyptus perfume bottle is one of Lalique’s most famous. The … Read more

  • René Lalique Bouchoun Eucalyptus

    1919 France

René Lalique
Dans la nuit (Worth)

Worth, which was founded in 1892, commissioned designs for … Read more

  • René Lalique Dans la nuit

    1924 France

René Lalique
Calendal (Molinard)

Grasse, a town in the south of France, is known as the perfume … Read more

  • René Lalique Calendal

    1937 France