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Atomizer by Gallé Studio


  • Atomizer by Gallé Studio
France 1904 H23.2cm
A piece produced at the Gallé Studio established by Émile Gallé (1846-1904), a celebrated master of art nouveau in France. This cameo glass atomizer was decorated by etching cased glass to create an anemone pattern. Accompanying the popularization of perfume, the fame of the Gallé Studio was one of the factors behind the dissemination of perfume bottles, featuring gorgeous decorative designs and a highly artistic quality at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Perfume Bottle by Daum Brothers Studio


  • Perfume Bottle by Daum Brothers Studio
France Early 20th Centur H7.5cm
A perfume bottle produced at the Daum Brothers Studio in France, which enjoyed the same popularity as the Gallé Studio. This beautiful piece has a landscape with a lake depicted on the matte milky-white base material.

Bouchon Eucalyptus by Rene Lalique


  • Bouchon Eucalyptus by Rene Lalique
France 1919 H13.5cm
The salient feature of this fine piece by Rene Lalique (1860-1945) is the stopper with it's exquisite eucalyptus leaf and fruit design, which sits atop the slender bottle to form a highly statuesque work. The stopper is tinged with a rust-colored shade.

Amphitrite by Rene Lalique


  • Amphitrite by Rene Lalique
France 1920 H9.7cm
A whitish-green perfume bottle with a thin body in the form of a spiral shell and the voluptuous figure of the sea nymph Amphitrite serving as the stopper. This piece is regarded as a particularly fine example of Lalique's bottles.

Ambre D' Orsay by Rene Lalique


  • Ambre D' Orsay by Rene Lalique
France 1911 H13cm
A renowned "Ambre" piece for the D' Orsay company. It was made in 1911, not longer after René Lalique abandoned jewelry making and became a glass artist. This masterpiece of Lalique perfume bottles is square in shape with figurines of the "goddess Atlas" at each of the four corners, a flower pattern on the stopper, and an amber patina applied to various parts.