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Arabesque Design Perfume Bottle


  • Arabesque Design Perfume Bottle
Austria 1840 H20cm
The factory of J. & L. Lobmeryr, a distinguished center of production in Austria, created a series of Islamic glass pieces that are avidly sought by collectors today as very rare fine articles. This piece is a representative twin-mouthed perfume bottle with an enameled arabesque pattern made for the Islamic world.

Golden Cameo Glass Perfume Bottle


  • Golden Cameo Glass Perfume Bottle
Bohemia 1850 H22.5cm
A cameo glass piece formed by mold-blowing transparent base material covered with opaque white glass into the shape of a small bottle with a honeysuckle pattern on the body, and incising ornamental vertical grooves on the neck. The work was then completed by baking on golden borders and an arabesque pattern, to produce an elegant Bohemian golden cameo bottle.

Cut Glass Flower Perfume Bottle


  • Cut Glass Flower Perfume Bottle
Bohemia 1830 H13.5cm
This perfume bottle is a typical example of the Bohemian glasswork known as Biedermeier glass. Its lower part is spread out like a flared skirt and the shoulder and stopper are also similarly flared, with deep incisions added for decorative effect.