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Pendant-Type Enamel Perfume Bottle


  • Pendant-Type Enamel Perfume Bottle
United Kingdom 18th Century H3.8cm
This bottle has an interesting design, the face of a person is seen when it is viewed from the front, while different faces are seen from the left or the right sides. It was made in Staffordshire, which was a renowned enamel production center in the 18th century.

Square Cut Glass Perfume Bottle


  • Square Cut Glass Perfume Bottle
United Kingdom 1840 H11.5cm
The 18th and 19th Centuries were the heyday of British cut glass. This perfume bottle with a square cut design is reminiscent of the Square Anglo-Saxon glass vessels commonly made in England from the 5th to the 7th Century.

Flower and Bird Perfume Bottle Case


  • Flower and Bird Perfume Bottle Case
Germany 1780 H13cm
This perfume bottle case was produced by the German royal kiln. It is in the rococo porcelain style with framed flower and bird motif-a popular design of the time -on a background of arabesque and other patterns. It was used for storing a glass perfume bottle of long and slender proportions.

Harlequin Statue Perfume Bottle


  • Harlequin Statue Perfume Bottle
England c. 1755 H5cm
The statue is a jester wearing a black mask and colorful costume decorated with a pattern of triangles. His head is the stopper. The Chelsea Porcelain factory put most of its energy into porcelain perfume bottles.