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Glass Scent Bottle


  • Glass Scent Bottle
1st Century A.D. H4.1cm
This cylindrical, wide-mouthed scent bottle was made by the glass blowing technique in the 1st century A.D. when this technique had only recently been developed. Glass began to be used for vessels holding scented oils and perfumes because the contents were visible from the outside and the smoothness and beauty of glass made it the ideal material for this purpose.

Glass Scent Bottle


  • Glass Scent Bottle
1st Century A.D. H4.2cm
A typical blown glass scent bottle from the 1st century A.D. In the early years of the Roman Empire, in which the mouth is folded inward in order to give it a smooth finish. It's silvery color due to weathering gives off a rainbow of colors.

Marbled Glass Scent Bottle


  • Marbled Glass Scent Bottle
1st Century B.C. H7.2cm
This drop-shaped scent bottle has coils of white, thread-like glass wound around the cobalt blue base material to form a marbled pattern. Blue marbled glass was the most popular type of glass among the ancient Romans.

Scent Bottle with Ornamental Protrusions


  • Scent Bottle with Ornamental Protrusions
2nd-3rd Century A.D. H12cm
Glass with the ornamental protrusions seen on the lower part of this scent bottle is referred to as cactus glass. These protrusions are made by a picking-out technique when the newly formed glass is still soft.