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Jisshu-Koh Bako


  • Jisshu-Koh Bako
Mid-Edo Period, Late 17th Century W22.8cm
A box containing utensils for the incense ceremony with pine and plum design, maki-e lacquer. Contains a set of incense ceremony utensils decorated with Japanese plum and young pine in fine gold powder.

Koh-Doh Utensil Set

  • Koh-Doh Utensil Set

A set of Koh-doh utensils contained in the above box, including answer card holders and and incense board. The shape of the holder for the incense burning utensils indicates that these utensils are of the Shino School.

One-hand Lacquered Incense Tray


  • One-hand Lacquered Incense Tray
Early Edo period W24cm
A design of ocean waves is depicted across the surface of the tray top. Over this a "Gogonrisshi" early T'ang period calligraphic poem is carved and lacquered over with vermillion lacquer, the strokes embossed with tin powder. The tray was created by Kyoto-born Hon'ami Kōetsu (1558 - 1637), one of the three great calligraphers of the early Edo period -- a highly cultured artist also known for his painting, pottery, and lacquering.

Black Incense Chest with Round Gold Chrysanthemum Crests


  • Black Incense Chest with Round Gold Chrysanthemum Crests
Early Edo period W31cm
On top is a silver handle for carrying the chest. Opening the front panel reveals five drawers and a slot for one incense burner tray. Round chrysanthemum crests are gilded in gold all over, and on the inside of the front panel a branch of chrysanthemums is depicted in gold flat maki-e. The incense chest was used to store valuable fragrant woods.

Black Lacquer Incense Box and Implements


  • Black Lacquer Incense Box and Implements
Latter Edo period W29.3cm
Tools were specially designed for preparing fragrant woods for burning as incense. Stored in the box are a kōnata (wide blade knife), kōnomi (chisel), kōzuchi (hammer), kōnoko (saw), kōtō (sword-like blade). The design employs hollyhock leaf crests gilded in gold on top of black lacquer on both the box and the handle of each tool.