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Takasago's core technologies that bring new value to flavors

The core technologies created in Japan, our central base of R&D, are indispensable in advancing the development of flavors with added value. Our core technologies of analysis, human science (physiological psychology), bioscience, material development, and formulation create new value in flavor and contribute to meeting the needs and providing solutions to customers.

Aroma analysis technology

We are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for analyzing search for flavor components in foods and unpleasant odor substances, and changes in scents over time, and volatile aroma components. We also undertake flavor development from the approach of aromas sensed during eating through the analysis of retronasal aromas.


Human science

We research physiological and psychological effects in applications of the flavors we have developed and the varied forms of products using those flavors. The knowledge obtained also finds use in the development of flavors that affect people's emotions.



Bio science

In foods and beverages, the condition of ingredients, manufacturing processes, heat and light during storage, and other factors can result in distinctive off-tastes and off-flavors. Using taste and olfactory receptor assays, we screen for effective masking agents. We use these findings to offer effective masking flavors grounded in scientific evidence.



Products development

Taking "Learn from Nature" as our keyword, we research the extraction, fractionation, and reconstruction of essential oils, search for functional substances. Based on these researches, we develop compounded materials using enzymatic methods, which we use to create products that meet the needs of customers.



Formulation technology

We are able to process and prepare varied forms of flavor formulations matched to the characteristics of customers' products. Along with the development of new types of products and improving work efficiency, we have a varied lineup of flavor formulations including MICRON®, FLIS®, and emulsified flavors.