Kakegawa Factory

Takasago Chemical Corporation was established in 1957 as an affiliate company, Anan Sangyo K.K., to handle trading operations on behalf of Takasago International Corporation, and has grown into a trading company that also imported and sold flavors (food flavors), fragrances (cosmetic fragrances), and other related products.

With the opening of a factory in Daito city (now Kakegawa City), Shizuoka Prefecture, in 1978, the company expanded its business to include not only synthetic flavors and fragrances, but also organic photographic materials, materials for the photographic industry, asymmetric catalysts, pharmaceutical intermediates, and bulk products under GMP control.

In October 2001, the company name was changed to Takasago Chemical Corporation.

Takasago Chemical Corporation is one of the manufacturing bases of the Takasago International Group. We are aiming for further development as a unique plant that produces specialty synthetic flavor and fragrance products.  


Company Profile

Company Name

Takasago Chemical Corporation

Head Office

Nissay Aroma Square 17F, 5-37-1, Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-8721, Japan
TEL +81-3-5703-0381 FAX +81-3-5703-1335

Factory/Research and Development Center

2746 Kuniyasu, Kakegawa City, Shizuoka 437-1413, Japan
TEL +81-537-72-3711 FAX +81-537-72-5064


4 June 1957


Hiroyasu Kumamoto, President and Representative Director


200 million yen (100% investment by Takasago International Corporation)

Number of Employee

68 persons

Description of Business

Contract production of raw materials for synthetic flavors and fragrances, natural essential oils, synthetic fragrances, active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates, organic electronic materials, asymmetric synthetic catalysts, photographic industrial materials, and photosensitive materials (photoresists)