Training Programs

To enhance and maintain the highest level of quality and service, all Takasago Flavor and Fragrance QC teams participate annually in global training sessions provided by the Global QC Centers. The Global QC Centers are technical support groups underneath Takasago HQ that build globally aligned QC systems and train the local QC teams of all Takasago affiliates. The technical supervisors of the Global QC Centers coordinate regular training programs. This globally coordinated and operated system is the key to ensuring that the same high quality service is being offered and that our products consistently meet or exceed all of our customer’s requirements.

Our flavor affiliates produce flavors distinct to their region. Recent flavor QC training conducted by flavor technical supervisors has included training on organoleptic evaluation, gas chromatography methods, maintenance procedures, technical laboratory best practices and quality systems designed to provide the same high- quality services to all customers around the world. These training programs are also designed to respond to local needs to improve and enhance specific analytical areas.

Our proactive activities will help align and streamline QC best practices, and in turn encourage the identification of issues and improvement of the efficiency of procedures, resulting in less waste and greater consistency across all our affiliates. Additionally, we conduct proficiency testing globally based on Takasago’s ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation certification. This helps to confirm and standardize QC testing skills and maintain highest level of proficiency as well as motivating the QC staff members. As for Takasago fragrance affiliates, representatives of the QC teams attended olfactive intensive training at the Fragrance QC Center. The training consists of smelling natural raw ingredients and finished products to understand their complex nature and characteristics.

The training also includes discussions sharing the expected raw material and finished product quality. After the training, attendees who were Technical representative support certified lead daily olfactive training at their site and serve as sensory contact for the key site Global Fragrance QC center. All training results are shared with global and local management to ensure that the lessons and skills learned are effectively reflected and utilized as part of all local QC teams’ daily activities as well as continuous improvement plans. This is a crucial part of Takasago’s efforts to continuously supply the highest quality products to our customers anywhere in the world. These global training programs contribute to the standardization of the quality of Takasago products and improve the teamwork of all of the QC teams as One TAKASAGO.