Takasago respects individuals and emphasizes importance on Human Resources Development.

Reform of Work Practices and Enhancement of Workplace Environments

Realize work practices that improve the capability of employees and that respect their diversity, character, and background. Also, provide safe and healthy working environments.


  • Establish a human resources development program in which individuals can fully exercise their capabilities.
  • Promote equal employment opportunities within the workplace and prohibit any discrimination due to nationality, religion, sex, age, race, creed and/or other related social status as it relates to employment decisions.
  • Promote reform of work practices including breaks and leaves, ensuring work-life balance.
  • Respect each employee’s individuality and support his or her effort to develop skills and a career.
  • Develop and maintain an appropriate working environment to realize the employees' safety and health maintenance and enhancement

  Extracted from Takasago Group Charter of Corporate Behavior and Code of Conduct

Human Resources Development Statement

Takasago recognizes that our employees are a critical component for success. The organization supports an environment that empowers and challenges employees to reach their full potential. We focus on combining employee aspirations for career growth, with opportunities to enhance skills, by offering on-the-job and external training opportunities. Trust from customers is earned from providing pioneering technology and exceptional service resulting from solid teamwork of the Takasago group’s employees. To maintain this trust, we continually invest in educational, development and enrichment opportunities, resulting in confident employees that embrace challenges, learn from failures as an avenue for growth and successful innovative improvements. Lastly, the organization inspires teamwork by engaging a diversified group of professional competencies, fully equipped to meet a range of challenges. Roles and responsibilities are aligned across affiliates, ensuring skills sets and requirements are comprehensive, utilizing local talents in a global manner.