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The global business environment has been changing over the years. The landscape surrounding businesses now is increasingly competitive and complex. The digital revolution is reshaping the employee mix. The changes have unavoidably contributed to persistent uncertainty, the establishment of a multigenerational workforce, and the shortening of the shelf life of knowledge, and they have placed a premium on reskilling and upskilling.

  The Takasago Group, a company that is built upon capable people whose learning is fueled by their foresight and innovation. We have developed the Educational Programs concept to contribute to the upskilling of our employees, increase our employees’ creativity and elevate our employees to new heights.

Educational Programs

Takasago Educational Program consists of above 5 pillars

Number of training programs employees participated in

Category Employees
applies to the
participated in
Compliance (anti-corruption, anti-bribery, etc.) 4,000 1,824 45.6%
Preventions of against discrimination and the
violation of human rights
1,964 49.1%
Professional Development 1,633 40.8%
IT Security 3,884 97.1%

One of the site-specific programs that has been established is Takasago International Corporation (TIC)’s Takasago College, an in-house institution that has been operating since 2009 to provide our employees with an environment that enables them to acquire experience and increase their skills in a broad range of areas.

Basic Course

Participants are Junior employees. To deeply understand each other’s business operations, they make a presentation about the flow of their own operations. This activity is expected to strengthen their performance and communication capabilities.

Advanced Course

Takasago provides a program to enhance participants’ knowledge and skills. To increase their flexibility to enable them to take on new challenges, participants learn about communication skills, logical thinking, and other skills. The program is not just about learning skills. It is also focused on ways to utilize these skills on the job.

Current learning & development programs at Singapore


Takasago International Singapore (TIS) has made available a platform with more than 15,000 online learning programs developed by industry experts, these courses are made available in many languages including English, Spanish, German, French and Japanese. We leverage the eLearning platform to enable self-directed online learning and development. It has been especially critical for thriving through knowledge during the pandemic.
  HR constantly creates new learning paths on the eLearning platform, uploading company specific training content (i.e., safety videos) and recommends courses via email to all employees and to specific departments to encourage a culture of self-directed learning within the company. The platform is accessible through laptops and personal mobile devices making it accessible to employees everywhere. Employees can download training content to their mobile device and learn on the go.

Present with


Building a strong and confident presentation style helps all businesses sustain themselves. TIS has created an extra ordinary presentation skills training program designed to enable:
  - Meeting with managers for pre-training analysis
  - 1-on-1 coaching for each trainee
  - Employees taking the course can meet with trainers regarding presentation preparation for one year following the end of the training program


Creative problem solving and decision making is important for people in all divisions, from managers to executives. Takasago has designed a training program that focuses on enabling employees to think critically in every situation and on methodologies for identifying creative solutions to every problem.

Key Account

Understanding effective ways of to manage key accounts is a fundamental part of enabling businesses to grow stronger. TIS has created a key account management training program with the intent of improving our teams’ skills in these areas:
  - Effective account business planning
  - General businesses and developing businesses
  - Measuring effectiveness of your relationship with customer
  - Fine tuning strategy


Constantly improving The Takasago Group’s compliance training is critical for ensuring The Takasago Group is a safe place for its employees and clients
  In 2022, HR will pro-actively roll out a compliance training program to ensure that all of our employees are equipped with the right knowledge about safety and compliance when engaged in their work.