Training and Education

Takasago engages in ongoing training activities to promote continuous learning, and has been showing positive results. These include providing comprehensive education on anti-harassment and diversity to ensure employees and managers understand the importance of cultural differences and inclusion, support for human rights, and respect for different beliefs and practices.

Safety procedures are prioritized to increase awareness of dangerous activities and hazardous materials with the goal of eliminating injuries and illnesses of all personnel. Anti-corruption, anti-trust, and other related trainings are also provided across all regions to educate and reinforce commitment to regulatory excellence and fair competition. The culture of Takasago supports employee growth and development from on-boarding, ongoing training, and on-the-job experiences. Building on employee expertise allows Takasago to continuously enhance the products and services provided for the consumer.

Educational Programs

Takasago Educational Program consists of above 5 pillars

Career Development

Takasago is highly committed to career development and career path of its employees. We understand what knowledge, skills, personal characteristics, and experience are required for an employee to progress in their career. We identify talents, support employee development beyond borders, share best practices and knowledge, broaden perspective and network, and expand global capabilities. Takasago offers a variety of tools, trainings, and opportunities to develop laterally, through promotion, or by departmental and overseas transfer. Employees actively participate in their development plans and discuss career aspirations.

Working collaboratively with managers, employees build and identify training needs and resources in order to enhance performance expectations, aligned with company objectives. To enable employees to fully understand the operations of the group,  performance metrics are established, development plans are created, and opportunities to embark on new projects are provided in collaboration with the management.

Promoting Diversity

Takasago continually strives to create a work environment that welcomes and respects diversity and empowers individuals to realize their full potential.

As part of this, we support efforts to increase female managers and foreign national employees while promoting the benefits of diversity and inclusion.

Takasago values the contributions of all employees and believe that the broad perspective provided by a diverse workforce adds value to all our products and operations on a global scale.


Takasago Japan has been seeking to develop its own way of team building among the affiliated companies in Japan. A sport event called “Takasago-Cup” is one of its efforts in Japan. The event is held every year, in which employees of group companies also participate.

The matches of various sports such as volley ball, basketball, tennis, and baseball are organized and participants enjoy playing matches with other sites.

We aim to build solid team at each business site and across the companies and develop an appropriate work environment through these opportunities.