Caring for People

Takasago strives to create a good working environment as we believe it helps improve our productivity as well as make life more fulfilling for our employees. Enormous efforts have been made at each site but we will continue to care for the employees working in different situations. We put “improvement of work-life balance” as one of the targets in our new mid- to long-term CSR plan, Sustainability 2030.

The Singapore government provides grants to employers to partially support the increase in cost while they promote pro-creation support to Singapore citizen only with more leave benefits. Takasago Singapore supported by providing equal benefits to all employees regardless of nationality, too supporting pro-creation. That means, we will have to cover the cost of benefits for our non-Singapore employees which we are unable to avail grants from the government. All employees enjoy equal longer maternity leave, childcare leave, paternity leave, etc. Eventually, we provided family care leave to staff who also needed to care for their ailing parents, spouse and other immediate family members. (Takasago International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.)

Company agreement on Quality of Work Life (QWL): by the end of 2021, Takasago France management and workers council will discuss and sign an agreement on quality of work life. This agreement will cover items such as the content of work, occupational health, skill and career paths, equal opportunity, management engagement and relationships at work (Takasago Europe Perfumery Laboratory S.A.R.L.).

Takasago Japan received HATARAKU-Yell 2021 award, which recognize companies that make significant efforts in their welfare system. Our variety of welfare initiatives as well as high rate to use was highly evaluated. (Takasago International Corporation)

Meeting among Human Resource regarding work-life balance

We subscribe to E-learning software platform to give greater flexibility to employees to learn anytime that is convenient to them. The platform is kept up to date with relevant courses on how to manage your time and life, balancing work and life, and time management

when working from home. (Takasago International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd., Takasago International Corp. (U.S.A.))

 To ease the planning for holidays by the employees, annual calendar for the next year is provided and always with at least three months in advance. (Takasago International Chemicals (Europe), S.A.)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the employees have increased need to tend to their children being schooled from home. In addition, being isolated from co-workers and difficulties in collaboration has caused burnouts among the employees. The Takasago group has made adjustments to the style of work. We implemented several initiatives to mitigate the negative effects and support our employees regain a healthy work-life balance.

It is important that home office is not seen as an exceptional case or due to employer’s request, but as a completely normal form of work. As such, it is necessary, as we have done at Takasago Europe GmbH, to offer home office as a selectable standard working style. We asked all employees who are able to work in a home office due to the nature of their work whether they would like to use this work style. All those who said yes were given a contractual agreement for working in a home office, which regulates the terms and conditions and thus creates clarity and commitment for everyone. Takasago Europe GmbH not only pays attention to the necessary technical equipment but also offers support for the ergonomics of the home office. (Takasago Europe G.m.b.H.)

After several months of trial and eventual roll out of working from home scheme, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world. All those months of preparations, setting up the policies, gathering feedback from trial runs, communication, switching from desktop computers to laptops and eventual roll out, turned out to be preparation for the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic, those who were able to work from home worked from home in order to contain the spread infection, especially during the lockdown period. (Takasago International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.)

Recognizing that managers set the example for their teams, Takasago provided management training on supportive and effective leadership skills, which focused on setting reasonable limits for work schedules and expectations. Managers were taught to limit communication, such as emails, calls and messages, to hours within the work day and allow time for employees to “shut down.” Managers were also taught to monitor the number of hours their employees are working to encourage a healthy work-life balance. They were encouraged to have regular meetings to prioritize employee workloads, reassign projects, or move project deadline to facilitate a better work environment and a culture that encourages employees to “shut down” during the off hours. Line managers need to model these boundaries and behaviors, so employees believe it is acceptable to do the same. Incentives for walking and running via a weekly challenge are also provided to encourage exercise. Employees find it enjoyable, competitive and a way to bond with other employees. Employees with the most steps at the end of each quarter receive an incentive. (Takasago International Corp. (U.S.A.))


Meeting among Human Resource regarding foreign staff during the lockdown period.