Work-life Balance

Takasago strives to create a good working environment as we believe it helps improve our productivity and make our employees’ lives more fulfilling. One of the targets in our new medium- to long-term sustainability plan, Sustainability 2030, is the improvement of our employees’ work-life balance. Enormous efforts have been made at each site and we will continue to care for employees working in many different situations.

Local efforts also provide customized initiatives. In Brazil, for example, they have the following programs:

  • Training for managers to support employees using specific tools and to look for problems such as burnout or overwork. Additionally, training to improve their coaching skills and to enable managers to offer specific benefits to employees who are struggling, such as therapy or coaching from external professionals.
  • The creation of a family-friendly work environment, where children and family can visit the company during special Events like Mother’s Day and also participate in specific races. This is incentivized and sponsored by Takasago Fragrâncias E Aromas Ltda. (TBR)
  • The encouragement of employees to join our sponsorship of a local organizations that supports children in vulnerable situations, especially during holidays like Easter, Christmas, Children’s Day, etc. Participating in these events provide employees time away from the office and an ability to volunteer which provides a sense of purpose and gives back to the community.

Good Health and Well-being

We believe that supporting the mental and physical health of employees is an important part of reinforcing our human resources and achieving sustainable corporate growth.

Well-being is a state of calm, stability, connection and satisfaction achieved by a worker who is part of a company. It is reflected in the physical, social, and economic well-being of employees.

Case Study from Mexico

Takasago De Mexico S.A. De C.V. (TDM) has adopted measures focused on taking care of small details that contribute to the improvement of the motivation and productivity of our collaborators.

Current programs at TDM are as follows:

  • We have flexible permits and schedules, there is a Youth in Action program in which the high school and university students who are the children of our employees collaborate with TDM part-time during the summer.
  • All our collaborators always present on special days during the year, we organize sports tournaments, we promote traditions uniting our people and relieving stress.
  • We provide a 50% subsidized dining room service and seek to provide competitive salaries and benefits.

Case Study from Spain

Takasago International Chemicals (Europe), S.A. (TICSA) prioritizes health and safety at work. It could be no other way But the company wants to go farther and ensure the well-being of all staff by developing healthy programs that enable staff to be healthier and happier. At the same time, TICSA aims to include the most up-to-date well-being practices in its activities.

For that purpose and in addition to the activities that we have been doing for several years such as vaccination programs, specific training for our people about safety, etc., we have wanted to implement a new wellness and health platform.

This platform will make challenges and video tips about memory, visual acuity, good posture, nutrition, financial health and many more topics available. Also, Live exercise classes and a channel with all the recorded classes, including classes about mindfulness, yoga, toning, fitness, etc., are available on the platform so that employees can access them where and when they want.

Health programs can be accessed reflecting the objectives of the users, including programs focused on physical health, stretching, gymnastics for pregnant women, back care and many other subjects. Employees can follow diets that best suit their personal objectives. And there is also the possibility to contact with a health professional through a chat to answer all the questions our employees have.

In summary, we believe that the company has to be the leader of this transformation with the goal of increasing the well-being of all our employees using the practices we have mentioned to improve the company and the lives of our staff.