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Global EHS Management

EHS headquarters (“EHS HQ”) defines The Takasago Group (“Takasago”) EHS Mission as follows:
“EHS Mission”

To build a sustainable EHS culture, Takasago will:

  • Fulfill legal requirements, the requirements of our stakeholders, and other requirements applicable to our operations.
  • Identify and control the risks inherent in our activities to avoid incidents, illnesses and negatively impacting the environment.
  • Imagine and realize initiatives for the conservation of natural resources, prevention of pollution and reduction of our carbon footprint.
  • Incorporate environmental protection, safety and occupational health in our business plan and decision-making.

Sustainability 2030, a 10 year plan for sustainability promotion activities from FY2021 to FY2030, has also been launched alongside the EHS Mission.

In Sustainability 2030, EHS HQ set goals related to EHS activities, including, but not limited to, climate change (reduction of greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions), reduction of environmental impact (sustainable use of resources and prevention of pollution) and occupational health and safety (promotion of occupational safety and health).

At the end of the first 10-year plan, the goals of the EHS activities have been successfully achieved.
To promote the standardization of EHS activities and implement the plan globally through the operation of the above management system, Takasago has organized the Global EHS Committee (“GEC”). The GEC, chaired by the EHS Executive, Tatsuya Yamagata, is composed of officers in charge of the EHS activities of global production sites.





※RCEO:Regional Chief EHS Officer


EHS Statement


Takasago has established the EHS Statement as one part of the foundation of the management of the entire group.

This EHS Statement is written in 11 languages to share the vision and values for EHS activities with all of Takasago’s employees in the 28 countries it operates in.

The EHS Statement states that EHS has the highest priority in all business activities.