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Takasago Safety Day 2023

On April 10, 2022, the 9th Takasago Safety Day was held with the pledge to “Never again allow an incident like the one that occurred in 2013.” Since April 10 fell on a Sunday in 2022, the Takasago Safety Day event that all of the Takasago Group participates in was held on Friday, April 8.

In 2022, under the theme of “Driving better communication to achieve Zero  Accidents,” education and training were conducted to reconfirm awareness and improve knowledge of safety while taking sufficient infection prevention measures.

At each site, individual employees, small groups and departments watched the video of the CEO message and the video about the core time program, followed by education and training sessions that were each designed to better communication in line with the theme.

For example, in some sites, when conducting firefighting drills, participants were not informed in advance of the location of the fire and whether there were any injuries. In other sites, they divided into an inspection team and an inspected team in some department, and the inspection team explained to the inspected team the areas of risks, incidents that had occurred in the past in that section, and countermeasures against those incidents, then inspection team received such explanation, asked several questions, and exchanged opinions on whether the 
inspected team had a correct understanding of the situation. Each site dedicated very useful time to this type of training.

Some participants thought that work-related injuries and communication might not have much to do with each other, but as a result of the training program, many of them said that they were reminded of the importance of communication. The day was a reminder that we should promote EHS activities with an awareness of the importance of communication on a daily basis.